NEISD Agriscience Facility

customized rail system

Industry: Agricultural

Type of Facility: Agriscience Processing Facility

ARI completed a full installation in San Antonio, TX to help create the Madison Agriscience Facility for Northeast Independent School District. Madison High School will be offering a special program that teaches students the trade of game processing and was in need of a fully functional processing facility. 

Arnold Refrigeration Inc. outfitted all of the classroom’s refrigeration including coolers, freezers, insulated walls, ceilings, and doors. We also installed a customized rail system for moving the animal carcass’s around the facility on a rolling trolley. 

The size of the project was approx. 36’ x 100’ and included 4 separate coolers and 1 blast freezer. This system maintains temperatures ranging anywhere from 55°F all the way to -20°F in the blast freezer.


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HEB E-Commerce Distribution Facility

curbside exterior

Industry: Supermarket

Type of Facility: Distribution Center

Size: 20,000 sq ft.

Recently, the team completed a project at the HEB E-Commerce distribution facility, where they provided and installed 34,000 sq. ft of exterior IMP’s (insulated metal panels), 4” thick, with a customized finish for the 20,000 sq. ft facility to create an exterior thermal envelope.

The Challenge:

  • This building adjoins the existing store
  • Match existing exterior
  • Meet the architectural requirements of the owner
  • Must be energy efficient
  • Quick construction timeline

The Solution:

  • Panels were a combination of granite stone finish and a special “wave” panel to meet architectural requirements of the owner
  • IMP’s increased R-Value by 75%
  • Speed of installation was 40%-50% faster than standard construction

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