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With 59 years of cold storage experience, Arnold Refrigeration is taking commercial refrigeration out to the country with Venari Ranch Coolers. Our top-of-the-line ranch coolers are built to far outlast the standard refrigeration unit. With some of the biggest names in hunting trusting Venari to store their trophies, the hardest decision you will have to make is where you’re going to put your cooler. 

The Venari Ranch Cooler

Sizing Options

6′ x 6′ Cooler
6′ x 8′ Cooler
8′ x 8′ Cooler


  • Insulated Floor
  • 1 Year Compressor Warranty 
  • 220v Self-contained Refrigeration with Adjustable Temperature Range
  • (2) 1 1/4″ Game Hanging Rails
  • (10) Stainless Steel Hooks
  • 7’ 7″ Standard Height  
  • Digital Exterior Thermometer
  • Interior Light

Complete Your

Game Storage & Processing Setup

• Ice Maker

• Prep Tables & Sinks

• Shelving

• Rail Systems

• Insulated Transport Trailer

• Trailer Models

• Generators

Ice makers

Prep Tables & Sinks


Rail Systems

Insulated Transport Trailer

Trailer Models


Add Some Venison to Your ARI Cooler

Hunting is more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, art form, way of survival. For centuries the name of the game has always, and will always be about who is the strongest, most skillful, and resourceful competitor.

 Venari Ranch Coolers is the newest evolution when it comes to getting a leg up on the competition in an age-old game. Venari gives you leading, commercial-grade, cold storage in the form of your own walk-in ranch cooler. 

Never worry about having another hunt going to waste. There is a reason we are the number one seller of walk-in ranch coolers in Texas. Think of us as the ultimate trophy shelf. 

Ready to own the game?

Venari is revolutionizing what it means to hunt. Dominate the game and join our list for exclusive offers and updates.

Preferred Cooler Size*

Have a Commercial Project in Mind?

Since 1961, ARI is your single source partner for projects of any size. We have experience in designing, building, and maintaining energy efficient, state-of-the-art commercial cold storage and meat processing facilities.

  • Walk-In Coolers and Freezers
  • Cold Storage/Warehouse Facilities
  • Meat Processing Facilities that meet USDA requirements

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